About me

My name is Alexander and I am a technical-military translator & interpreter.

I am able to interpret simultaneously and consecutively during the talks and negotiations, business meetings and vocational trainings. I am working mainly in technical and scientific fields, in particular:

  • heavy equipment and heavy vehicles, aviation, military training (military and technical translation);
  • scientific texts (maths, physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology);
  • medical and pharmaceutical texts (anaesthesia, surgery, neurosurgery);
  • other technical fields (oil and gaz production, conventional and alternative energy sources);
  • software localisation and internationalisation.

I am also working in a domain of computational linguistics (authorship attribution).

I work with defence companies, foreign trade and dual-use goods export companies, different international organisations (OSCE, EC), energy-producing companies, as well as with the companies that manufacture the special-purpose heavy vehicles (civil and military).

I also support «Translators without borders» and «Rosetta Stone» organizations, providing translation services free of charge for humanitarian purposes.

The results of my work are always consistent and follow the approved terminology and styleguides. Quality, reliability and expedience are my distinguishing features.

In case you need technical/scientific translation or interpretation, you can contact me via mail or LinkedIn.