WordPress in Belarusian language is out

лакалізацыя WordPress

I am happy to let you know that after some time the Belarusian localization of WordPress is finally out. It is available as of today, 0:00 UTC.

The squad

This release was led by Alexander Markevitch as GTE, backed up by Maria Tamkovich as PTE, and the whole Belarusian team. There are 5546 strings in total and it was a real pleasure to see the last string opened in GlotPress.


You can download the fully localized version or the language pack, which, I believe, should be available shortly.

I would be happy to hear back from you if you have any questions or notice any localization issues. Please, reply in the comments below or contact me via the localization team web-site.

Thank you very much! And thanks for using the localization – I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

P.S.: We still need the web-site editors (hard, non-paid, takes all your time, but you will probably like it – the Belarusian translation community may be taciturn but – heck! – is very nice). At the same time, we are working on a handy style guide, and if you believe you can help – we are waiting for you.


Alexander Markevitch, GTE