From 0 to 0.9

Here is the story of how we created a new localization experience at Flo. Flo is more than just a period tracker. It also serves as a health coach for women around the world that helps its users to track their period, follow their pregnancies, and stay healthy throughout their entire lives. At this very moment, […]

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пейзаж с белым домом

Common Mistakes of the Beginner Translator

When I first started translating, people would deceive me, withhold pay, use my knowledge to get a job but not give it to me. Now I can say “no” to offers that are clearly not right for me. I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

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Dictionaries and Glossaries. Part 2

It is about time to share one more list of newly found glossaries and dictionaries. TermSciences – a massive termbase developed by INIST together with LORIA and ATILF. There is a link on the homepage on all terminological resources, which are used now. The European Union glossaries. The website counts around 300 glossaries in 24 […]

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