Dictionaries and Glossaries. Part 2
February 6, 2017

It is about time to share one more list of newly found glossaries and dictionaries.

  1. TermSciences – a massive termbase developed by INIST together with LORIA and ATILF. There is a link on the homepage on all terminological resources, which are used now.
  2. The European Union glossaries. The website counts around 300 glossaries in 24 languages of the EU.
  3. Tilde Terminology – terms extraction and view in the cloud.
  4. Yet again, IATE. It allows as well to check the EU terminology in all official languages of the Union.
  5. EuroTermBank: free termbase in 27 languages.
  6. EuroVoc – multilingual thesaurus of the European Union.
  7. UNTerm – the UN terms search engine.
  8. The UN FAO terminology portal.
  9. UNESCO termbase.
  10. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ termbase.
  11. WTO online-termbase in MultiTerm format.
  12. The UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia glossary.
  13. VINTARS – terminological database in seven languages from the UN HQ in Vienna.
  14. To be brutally frank, I assume this finding is the best one for the last six years. It is THE search engine that works with the UN glossaries for interpreters. I cannot but hope that someone as patient and abiding as an eternity will make an offline softcopy of it.
  15. Strangely looking terminological portal that can save lives of Arabic interpreters.
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