SyncToy + Dropbox: daily backup
August 13, 2016


If you’re afraid that an unexpected crash might interrupt your work, you can always provide daily backup for your work projects with Dropbox and SyncToy.


To get started, install Dropbox. By default, you can only change where files are saved in the installer.

Then, download and install SyncToy, a free application from Microsoft. If you don’t already have Sync Framework installed on your computer, the installer will prompt you to download it first.

After you install Sync Framework, the SyncToy setup wizard will finish installing.

To start syncing with Dropbox, launch SyncToy and select “Create New Folder Pair”. In the “Left Folder” field, select the folder you want to back up to Dropbox. In the “Right Folder” field, select the Dropbox folder.selection of synctoy foldersNext, select the sync method you’d like to use: Synchronize, Echo, or Contribute.

selection of sync mode

  • The Synchronize option compares two folders and checks to see if the same files are in both of them. When selecting this option, new and updated files are copied to either folder, regardless of which folder they originate from. If a file is changed at different times in different folders, the last modified file will be used. You can restore a previous version from the Recycle Bin if this setting is enabled.
  • The Echo option checks for any changes (new and deleted files, modifications, renaming) in files in the left folder and copies them to the right folder.
  • The Contribute option works just like Echo, except files from the right folder are not deleted.

You can schedule SyncToy to run automatically by configuring it in Windows Task Scheduler. Once you’ve opened the task scheduler, click “Create Basic Task”. Setup is very easy. Enter a name and a description (optional), select when you want the synchronization to start (I usually select daily), set up the time point for the task to run, select “Start a program” and locate to SyncToy.exe (C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.1\SyncToyCmd.exe) and type “-R” in the “Add Arguments” textbox.

SyncToy will now automatically sync your projects to Dropbox every day.


Linking the two programs will help you save all your work and access it anytime, anywhere.

However, if you have a large workload, you may run out of space on the cloud very soon. 🙂

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